2.5 Years After Retirement – Very Fortunate

Over two and a half years since retirement and I really appreciate how full my life is – family, friends and the little world around me.

While the usual mundane activities are always there, they have become sources of peacefulness. It has taken this long for me to begin separating myself from my career and the past. Although they will always be a part of me, they are no longer all of me. Giving up the false sense of importance so many things in the past represented is a process which is giving me the freedom to look at the world with an honesty and awareness I didn’t know existed.

Work is work, and only that. The most fortunate thing is that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Starting with nothing and ending with something tempers some of the materialistic drives which are fueled by the flack invading our minds at every opportunity. Stuff, stuff, more stuff, better stuff – and a sadness associated with the institutionalization of greed – there is never enough. But I am finding that there is too much – in the wrong places.

Is it OK to be cynical and a bit of a curmudgeon? I think so.

The world is not a baseball or hockey game, nor is it a spa to pamper our bodies. The world is becoming crueler, and greed in all areas of life is winning (sports madness, banking madness, Wall Street madness, narcissistic madness, me only madness, hatred madness, religious madness, political madness, etc.). Institutions are no longer working to protect the world population.

So what is my next step?

More later!

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